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Defective 3M

Military Earplugs

Veterans who have suffered due to Defective 3M Military Earplugs

Special Interest Case

What do I do next?

Call us or submit the form. We will call you within 72 hours to go over the merits of your case. 

How do you prove your case?

DD214. After that, we need to prove the hearing loss or tinnitus, which is commonly done through the VA. If you already have a rating, you should be good to go. 

Do you have a claim against 3M? 

If you served after 9/11, were exposed to loud noises, were issued and wore these ear plugs, and have tinnitus or hearing loss, you likely have a case. 

What is the situation with 3M earplugs?

3M is the manufacturer and seller of an earplug called Combat Arms. 3M earplugs were standard-issue equipment and designed to protect hearing by filtering out peak noises, but allegedly failed to do so. 

Sorry, we are no longer accepting applications for this claim

If you would like additional information, please call us directly.

A Proven Reputation

"Forrest Cressy James is an amazing law firm that provides tremendous attention and care to all their clients and their needs. 


When I was injured in my accident, Nick was never more than a call away from answering my questions and counseling through the process of rehab, recovery, and gaining restitution. I never once felt as if I was just another customer and instead felt like I was a friend and family member who they were willing to fight for to the end.


FCJ will always be the most trusted firm in my book."

Ian G.

New Orleans

“After trying to handle my personal injury claim on my own, and becoming completely overwhelmed, I reached out to Byron for assistance.


My claim was resolved quickly for well over six figures and most importantly, I had peace-of-mind in knowing that I wasn’t taken advantage of by insurance companies.


If you want a law firm that is professional, efficient, and treats you like a person, not just a “file number,” Forrest Cressy James is your team."

Nicole C.

New Orleans

"I have had at least two occasions with accidents where the other drivers were not honest with their insurance company. It’s a situation police don’t always have time for right away, and my city has tourists that will treat it as if it never happened.


I can honestly say I didn’t have any stress in the cases. Not from the insurance companies (mine and theirs) and most importantly no pressure from my attorneys.


There was never a moment I felt alone in this.  A+ from start to end.  I ended up recovering $150,000 thanks to Byron and Eliza."

B. Williams

New Orleans