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  • Nicholas V. Cressy

Urgent Alert: Oppose HB 618 to Protect Injured Workers' Rights

Call and email the House Labor Committee members NOW! Tell them to VOTE NO on House Bill 618 and protect the rights of injured workers.

Attention Louisiana residents and advocates for workers' rights! We are facing a critical threat to the rights and protections of injured workers with the proposed House Bill 618 (HB 618). Scheduled for a hearing on April 18th at 9:00 a.m., this bill poses significant risks to injured workers across the state.

What Does HB 618 Propose?

1. Halting Benefits Without Proof of Receipt

HB 618 proposes a drastic measure that would allow adjusters, employers, and defense attorneys to stop paying all benefits, including workers' compensation checks and medical treatment, if an injured worker fails to sign and return a medical authorization form within just 10 days of receipt. Shockingly, the bill does not require these entities to provide proof of the injured worker's receipt of the medical authorization.

In cases where an injured worker is forced to seek court intervention to reinstate their benefits, they could be ordered to pay the defense attorney's fees and costs, adding financial burden to an already challenging situation.

2. Presuming Non-Work-Related Injuries

The second alarming provision of HB 618 states that if an injured worker does not report a work-related accident within 30 days, it will be presumed that the injury did not occur as a result of the on-the-job incident. This provision could encourage employers to deny that an accident was reported, further complicating the process for injured workers seeking rightful compensation.

A Drastic Reduction in Legal Rights

Current Louisiana law allows injured workers up to one year to file a lawsuit for workers' compensation benefits. HB 618 seeks to dramatically reduce this right, limiting the timeframe to just 30 days.

Take Action Now!

We urge all concerned citizens to take immediate action by calling and emailing the members of the House Labor Committee. Voice your opposition to House Bill 618 and demand the protection of injured workers' rights.

Raymond J. Crews (R)

(Committee Chair) 

(318) 716-7532 

Bossier City 

Dodie Horton (R)

(Committee Vice Chair)

(318) 949-2463 


Dennis Bamburg, Jr. (R) 

(318) 588-2014 

Bossier City 

Tehmi Jahi Chassion (D) 

(225) 342-6945 


Jason Brian Dewitt (R) 

(318) 277-7475 


Michael Charles Echols (R) 

(318) 598-4010 


Brian Leonard Glorioso (R) 

(985) 960-4251 


Ed Larvadain, III (D) 

(318) 487-5441 


Dixon Wallace McMakin (R) 

(225) 384-0468 

Baton Rouge

Michael Melerine (R) 

(318) 553-2259 


Shaun Raphael Mena (D) 

(504) 396-4105 

New Orleans 

Tammy T. Phelps (D) 

(318) 862-3080 


Phillip Eric Tarver (R) 

(337) 475-8186 

Lake Charles 

Joy Walters (D) 

(318) 560-4059 


Roger William Wilder, III (R) 

(225) 380-7160 

Denham Springs 

Phillip DeVillier(R) 

Ex Officio 

(337) 457-0194 


Mike Johnson (R) 

Ex Officio 

(318) 487-5377 


Let's unite to stop the attacks on the rights of injured workers in Louisiana. Thank you in advance for your support and advocacy on this critical issue.


Forrest, Cressy & James

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