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Forrest, Cressy & James, LLC is committed to aggressive and strategic advocacy.

Byron, Nick, and Eliza have been friends and teammates since 2010, meeting early in law school. After law school each went into a different sector of the legal field, and each brings a unique approach and skill set to the firm’s practice.

Why We Are

The Best


In 2019, we secured on behalf of our clients over $3,000,000.00 in workers’ compensation settlements, wage benefits, and medical benefits.

Client Testimonials

"Byron and his law firm handled my case with utmost professionalism and exceeded my expectations. His determination to fight on never had me worried at any time during the process. For a law firm that is only four years old now, he is on the top level of lawyers in the state of Louisiana. Thanks again Byron and the Team for fighting for my rights."

Mark H.